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Your Organizer

September Burton, INHC

Creator of the 6 Week

Fertility Challenge

The Colorado Fertility Conference was created to show couples who are struggling to conceive what resources Colorado Springs has to offer them. We seek to bring a sense of community to those who need support and do our part to ensure you are holding your sweet baby in your arms very soon.

September's vision

is to help those

who are struggling

to get pregnant

to be able

to become pregnant

and have the

families they desire.

A mother of 7, including a set of twin girls. Her background is in Holistic Health and Nutrition and she has worked as a Fertility Health Coach since 2011. 

September's passion for helping those who are struggling came from her own struggle with recurrent miscarriages many years ago. 

She is organizing this fertility conference because she believes the pain of infertility runs too deep and that we need to stop this pain. This conference seeks to bring the resources that Colorado Springs and surrounding areas have to offer to the infertility community so that we can increase success rates of couples having their happy, healthy babies. Her passion for helping those who are struggling came from her own struggle with recurrent miscarriages many years ago. Since those recurrent miscarriages, and through nutritional research, she has gone on to have four more children. 

September started her career as a personal chef to four-star Admirals, a position reserved for the best the Navy has to offer. During this time, she had the pleasure of cooking for members of the United States Presidential Cabinet while traveling the world. She began to learn about the connection of nutrition to health during her time in this position. Since then, nutrition, health, fertility, and building strong families have become her life’s passion.

Resources for

Your Journey...


Acupuncture is a non-invasive process that is adopted by those that are trying to get pregnant. It improves fertility, increases conception and also decreases the rate of miscarriage.

Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition plays a critical role in your fertility. Colorado Springs Fertility Conference will help you to overcome bad food habits, decrease cravings and also get your body ready for an optimal pregnancy through the right diet.

Fertility Enhancing

Cook Books

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